By Lines, spots, colors and images I express my feelings, thoughts, a perception of the world.

Art is silent and only viewer’s contact with an image can touch a reaction. 

The sense is to arouse in a human the things which let feel a life even to atoms and molecules.

For example, it’s possible to experiense such states from music.

It is a state on the verge of meditation and detachment from reality. It is a state of reflection, flying, sadness, joy, suffering.

My lines like the sounds which turn into my fingers to create the certain composition.

That’s why I don’t think at times how smooth or rough they are. I just take the notes which are formed into a united melody.

And if somebody hears this melody then a miracle takes place.

Sweet Bird - Neon Heights And Zed J -
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© 2016 Mariya Chubarova/artist & graphic designer

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